Cruising is one of the most beautiful ways to escape life’s craziness and reconnect with what’s important. It’s amazing how quickly an ocean breeze and sandy beach can provide peace and perspective. But sometimes the craziness takes over our idea of what the high seas are like, before we even get to the dock. Even if you’ve consulted with experienced cruisers, there’s likely room to grow your cruise comfort. And since anxiety has NO place on a romantic, renewing sailing adventure, it’s time to put an end to the myths that might be causing it.

MYTH: Cruises are impersonal

TRUTH:  Specialty cruises are personalized down to every last detail- your entertainment, special sessions, even the ship itself. Several passengers on the last Love Like You Mean It Cruise, were pleased to find that even Carnival Cruise’s mermaid statues dressed appropriately for the occasion. Speaking of passengers, that’s another benefit of a themed cruise – sharing your adventure with like-minded individuals so you feel more comfortable and have a better chance of making new friends.

MYTH: You’ll be cramped up in your cabin

TRUTH: Cruise ships are enormous in size – our 2018 ship, for example, is bigger in length than three football fields. There are endless restaurants, shops, and open air decks to explore. Between the ship offerings, your cruise entertainment, and the beautiful ports, most cruisers are surprised to find they spend little time in their cabin.

MYTH: There’s no time to actually relax

TRUTH: A great thing about cruising is that you set your own itinerary. Yes, there are endless ways to stay entertained and explore. But no one is stopping you from kicking your feet up by the pool, on the beach, or in front of the on-deck movie with popcorn in hand. In fact, we strongly recommend you try each!

MYTH: Cruises are dangerous

TRUTH:  Cruise ships are one of the safest forms of transportation. Crews are expertly trained, and ships are complete with state of the art safety equipment. There’s even an on-board medical facility to ensure your safety when it comes to health and medicine.

MYTH: You’ll be seasick

TRUTH: Cruise ships are outfitted with stabilizers that keep the ship so smooth, it can be hard to tell you’re even sailing. Unless you’re extremely prone to motion sickness (and you should consult with your doctor if that’s the case), it’s not common to experience problems among the waves.

MYTH: There are too many germs on board

TRUTH:  You have a 1 in 5,500 chance of contracting the most commonly feared travel bug on a cruise. That’s already a very small likelihood, but wait! Everywhere else? You have a 1 in 15 chance. You’re safer traveling by cruise, in this instance, than staying at home! That’s because cruise ships follow strict policies on cleanliness and safety.

MYTH: Cruises are for party people

TRUTH: Every cruise is different. While movies and TV may paint sailing as a wild adventure, plenty of cruises are wholesome and focused on family values. For example, the LLYMI Cruise is hosted by FamilyLife, and fully charters the ship. That means all of our passengers share similar values. If you’re looking for something slow-paced, consider the theme and host of your cruise.

Were you surprised by any of these cruise myths, either here or on a past adventure? Share your own experience in the comments, and let us if know if you still have lingering cruise curiosities!

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