Cru Staff LLYMI Cruise Opportunities

Cru Staff LLYMI Cruise Opportunities

TWO GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FROM FAMILYLIFE: One for your marriage and one for your supporters’!


The 2022 Love Like You Mean It Cruise sets sail Feb. 6-13. It’s an opportunity for couples to leave life at the dock for a whole 7 days and enjoy each other. It offers everything a traditional cruise provides3 great ports, plus engaging, fun-filled, dynamic sessions packed with wise, doable insight that will encourage and equip the marriages of all who attend. Listen to what a few cruisers have to say about why they come back each year.

We have two great opportunities just for you:

  1. You can share a discount of up to 60% off discount on staterooms with your married supporters! We all pray for our supporters to be blessed, and this is a great opportunity to offer an experience that will do just that. Tell them to use promo code: GIFT when making the reservation.

  2. You can sail with us for an even bigger discount AND have it reimbursed from your staff account! That’s right; you can enjoy a kid-free week where your only responsibility is to relax, have fun, and get closer to your spouse! There are many options to choose from: a standard interior stateroom for $1000/couple, a boardwalk balcony stateroom for $1700/couple, or up to 60% off other staterooms! Note: you must use your Cru email address when booking the reservation.

    1. If you attend, and someone you invite (that’s not a Cru staff member) attends, we’ll give you $500 of onboard credit! You need to be a Group Leader for this; read more here.

Each year’s new beginning brings the promise of something better: in our LIVES, in our FAMILY, and our MINISTRY. We speak of intentional improvement with every resolution – taking steps we know will create positive change. FamilyLife wants to help you and your supporters keep the resolutions made for your marriage.

Visit the website for more information or call 1 (855) 208-8822.