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We can't say enough about this cruise! Folks this is 5 (now 6) days of quality time to spend with the love of your life, the one who gives you those feelings no one else can. Does the thought of 6 days with your spouse scare you? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! Have the perfect marriage and don't see the need? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! From start to finish you will truly be RELAXED. From start to finish you will REDISCOVER each other. From start to finish the ROMANCE...well it is a couples cruise. Talk about a time to rediscover! Anyway...From start to finish this is a time you will RENEW yourselves to one another and God. And without a doubt it is a time you will always REMEMBER. But I do have to warn you: From the moment you step off the ship on Saturday you'll be planning for the next one and 6 wonderful days of RELAX, REDISCOVER, ROMANCE, RENEW, REMEMBER. Yes, folks, it really is worth it! Do it! Today!

Jamie & Marj Hamblet - Isabel, SD

This was our first cruise ever and we LOVED it!! We are booked for next year!!

The McDonalds - Salem, OR
Last year was the second year we attend the cruise and we will be coming again this next year, so far with two more couples attending with us. My husband Brent and I have now been married for 15 years and the last few years we have struggled with major issues which had lead us both to file for divorce. I think it becomes hard once your children are grown and your parents are aging and you look at each other and wonder, "What now?" As a woman I had spent years focused on everything other than me or my husband that when left with us, I was lost! This cruise saved our marriage and gave us both a chance to focus on each other and helped us to realize that no matter what we face in life as long as we focus our eyes on God together we can do anything!
Brent & Danie Edwards - Adams, TN
My husband and I just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. We owe many thanks to the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. Last October, we were not sure where our marriage was headed and the seminars we attended on the cruise made it possible for us to reconnect on a level we never thought possible. We are booked for next year and excited about learning more to help strenghten our marriage.
Shawn and Brandi - Richlands, NC
In 2011 our marriage was severely broken. After enhanced counselling, many books, and a refocus - we are stronger than ever thanks to prayer, forgiveness, redefined love, and wanting to just please the Lord. FLT was and still is a great influence is our marriage growth and after 5 LLYMI cruises, its a superior way to intentionally strengthen the "fade" that so easily happens. Teaching the AofM (FLT curriculum) in our church for 6 or 7 times now - it reconfirms that you cannot just coast in God's most important earthly relationship. Invest - you won't be sorry! Had a blast this year - one of our best so far.
David and Pamela Yost - Roanoke, VA
We really enjoyed the time to get away from the busyness of life to reconnect with each other and to openly discuss some of the challenges and issues we've been having without distractions. Being able to enjoy warm weather on the beautiful islands and spending uninterrupted time on the sandy beaches was very relaxing. All of the speakers' messages, concerts, dramatic theater, comedies were very encouraging too!! The 24 hrs of availability to yummy food was an option that we didn't get to carried away with. Lol! Each day we were given surprise gifts outside our cabin door from the Family Life team to inspire us to reconnect as a couple and have fun!! The FamilyLife ministry team really stepped in with prayers and ongoing encouragement throughout as we laughed, cried, prayed and allowed the Lord to renew our hope in Him for our marriage and each other. We really look forward to attending each year and knowing this is one of our special times to get away to refresh, refocus and reconnect"
Terrell and Kenya Perkins - Greensboro, NC
This was our second LLYM cruise and I really enjoyed Ann Wilson and the War Room movie premeir, I plan on implementing one in my house somewhere. Our time in Key West was short, but I loved the peacefulness of Key West.Ann Wilson testimony gave me a lot of ah ha moments.We did not make the vowel renewal again,but we felt renewed and relaxed,as a couple you need that time together even if just to catch up and talk about the future plans for your family.I thank God for the couple (Sheppard's) that invited us on the 2014 cruise. With Gods continued blessing we will attend each year as our couples getaway.
Wilber & Edna Jackson - Anerdeen, Md
This was the first time ever cruising and for it to be on the LLYMI cruise made it extra special. Thank God for our friends Anthone & Marissa Wallace, who were on the cruise last year, and could not stop talking about what a wonderful time they had and encouraged us to go!! We can now join in the many voices that are singing the praises of this much needed cruise. The messages shared by the speakers were inspiring and challenging, encouraging and convicting. As a result, we have been challenged to recommit ourselves and our marriage to the One, Who instituted marriage. We pray that the example we set as a result of our commitment, will paint a true picture of the love of Christ and His bride, the Church and they would be drawn into a relationship with Him. Thank you Family Life and to God be the glory!!
Anita K - Nassau, The Bahamas
2015 was our second LLYMI Cruise and once again our expectations were exceeded. Each day was filled with great uplifting entertainment, speakers and great like-minded people to share the cruise with. We loved our time both on and off the ship. The cruise's theme is "Relax, Renew, Romance, Remember." and we truly did. We've already made reservations to do it again in 2016. We look at this cruise as maintenance and upkeep for our marriage just like we ensure maintenance and upkeep of our vehicles and our residence. This cruise is well worth the investment for the benefit of your relationship with God, your marriage, your children, your family, your friends, your church, and your community.
D. Patrick & Gayla K. Deisher - Odon, Indiana