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2019 was our 3rd LLYMI cruise. We have been blessed each year not only with the beautiful places we visit and the experiences we share together but also with the new friendship we have made and the awesome materials that Family Life provides. We look forward to the gifts that we find hanging on our door every night. We have booked for 2020!! Counting down the days!!
Mike & Sharon Gionfriddo - Southington, CT
We were going through a very difficult issue with our family. So difficult we could not go to our church. We had to leave and find a new church. Many people told us we needed to stay home and not go on this cruise. We knew we needed time to get away and process and focus on our marriage and make sure we were ok. One day in the cruise I asked Ken if he was ok with us asking for prayer for our situation and he agreed. With in a couple of hours we got a note under our door asking if we wanted to meet with someone on the prayer team. We did and Gary and Cindy are the best. The prayer and acceptance they gave us knowing our situation was exactly what we needed. I know for a fact without the advice, acceptance and prayer we got that week on the cruise I know our marriage and family would not be as strong as it is today. Thank you Family Life for being there for families in need.
Shannon - GA

My wife Sherry and I have been blessed to be on all 10 LLYMI cruises. As full time missionaries, the group plan has been an incredible blessing to us and an opportunity to introduce other couples to the ministry of FamilyLife! We look forward to the cruise each year as a time to reconnect, which is made easier by being disconnected from our cell phones and email. Each year, we decide just how much we need to participate: some years we've gone to every activity, some years we've skipped activities, but every year, we've had irreplaceable time together. As long as we're able, we'll be there!

Scott & Sherry Jennings - Durham, North Carolina

This was our first cruise ever, and it was fabulous!! We are booked for next year, Lord willing! The speakers were so great, so focused on the gospel! We needed this time together it was so special. We are excited about next year, and having an extra day!! Can't wait! Thanks so much!

Pertti and Michelle Laitinen - Alberta, Canada

We can't say enough about this cruise! Folks this is 5 (now 6) days of quality time to spend with the love of your life, the one who gives you those feelings no one else can. Does the thought of 6 days with your spouse scare you? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! Have the perfect marriage and don't see the need? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! From start to finish you will truly be RELAXED. From start to finish you will REDISCOVER each other. From start to finish the ROMANCE...well it is a couples cruise. Talk about a time to rediscover! Anyway...From start to finish this is a time you will RENEW yourselves to one another and God. And without a doubt it is a time you will always REMEMBER. But I do have to warn you: From the moment you step off the ship on Saturday you'll be planning for the next one and 6 wonderful days of RELAX, REDISCOVER, ROMANCE, RENEW, REMEMBER. Yes, folks, it really is worth it! Do it! Today!

Jamie & Marj Hamblet - Isabel, SD

This was our first cruise ever and we LOVED it!! We are booked for next year!!

The McDonalds - Salem, OR
We were celebrating our 10 year Anniversary in 2011 and we never had a honeymoon! Our original plan was to go on the K-Love cruise and they were sold out...then the operator suggested LLYMi cruise, with a special of buy one get one FREE!!! God made a way for us! We had an amazing time, made new friends, and praised God every step of the way!
Araceli and Andrew Maldonado - Tracy, Ca
Words cannot express the beauty God has created across the deepest oceans during our cruise. The feeling of oneness with other believers - just like it will be in heaven- was amazing!
Johnny and Sherry Buiskool - Kalamazoo, MI
We didn't know what to expect last year on our very first cruise. It was so wonderful that we had to come back this year and we brought some friend's with us. We are already booked for next year and my parents will be coming with us this time!! I enjoy the quality time with my spouse!! Each cruise we have meet some wonderful people and cant wait to see them again next year. The main sessions, speakers, singers are great!!!! Who couldnt enjoy the endless amounts of food and ice cream. The best part is being out in the middle of the ocean with no phone service!! We got to enjoy each others company without any distractions!! Wish we didnt have to get off the ship today! Hurry up Febuary 2016 we are ready to set sail again!!
Robert & Candi Hopp - Alma Arkansas