Frequently Asked Questions

We're happy to answer your questions! You should find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions about the LLYMI marriage cruise. However, if you don't find your answers here and you still have questions, please call our booking agents at 1-855-208-8822. They will be happy to answer your questions and/or help you book your stateroom over the phone. 

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  1. What is included in the price of the cruise?

    Port fees, taxes and gratuities are included in the price of your cruise. In addition, there are various amenities that come with each MSC stateroom experience.

    • Bella Experience
      • Staterooms Available For This Experience
        • Bella Balcony 
        • Bella Ocean View
        • Bella Interior
      • Experience Inclusions
        • LLYMI Onboard Event
        • Main dining room, and buffet are included
        • Pool area
        • Open-air sports facilities
        • Well-equipped gym with panoramic view
    • Fantastica Experience
      • Staterooms Available For This Experience
        • Fantastica Deluxe Balcony
        • Fantastica Deluxe Ocean View
        • Fantastica Premium Interior
        • Fantastica Deluxe Interior
      • Experience Inclusions
        • LLYMI Onboard Event
        • Choose cabin number, choose main dining & main session time
        • Main dining room, and buffet are included
        • Pool area
        • Open-air sports facilities
        • Well-equipped gym with panoramic view
    • Aurea Experience
      • Staterooms Available For This Experience
        • Aurea Premium Suite with Whirlpool
        • Aurea Premium Suite with Terrace
        • Aurea Grand Suite
        • Aurea Premium Balcony Suite
        • Aurea Junior Suite
        • Aurea Deluxe Balcony
      • Experience Inclusions
        • LLYMI Onboard Event
        • Choose cabin number, choose main dining & main session time
        • Main dining room, and buffet are included
        • Pool area
        • Open-air sports facilities
        • Well-equipped gym with panoramic view
        • Priority boarding & luggage drop off
        • Welcome Gift 
        • 24-hour room service (free delivery)
        • Alcohol-Free Beverage package included (for 2 people)
        • 2 device Premium Internet package included
        • Duo Dining Package
        • Access to the Aurea Sun Deck
        • Access to the exclusive Skyline Restaurant
    • Yacht Club Experience
      • Staterooms Available For This Experience
        • Yacht Club Owner's Suite
        • Yacht Club Royal Suite
        • Yacht Club Grand Suite
        • Yacht Club Deluxe Suite
        • Yacht Club Interior Suite
      • Experience Inclusions
        • LLYMI Onboard Event
        • Choose cabin number, choose main dining & main session time
        • Main dining room, and buffet are included
        • Pool area
        • Open-air sports facilities
        • Well-equipped gym with panoramic view
        • Dedicated priority check-in and check-out 
        • Welcome Gift
        • 24-hour butler service and dedicated concierge
        • 24 hour Room Service 
        • Premium Extra Beverage Package (includes all drinks up to $13)
        • Premium Internet package (Browse - 2 devices)
        • Access to the Thermal Suite in the Spa
        • Relaxation amenities (bathrobe, and slippers)
        • Comfortable king size mattress with luxurious bedding
        • Luggage packing/unpacking service
        • Exclusive private area of the ship accessible only to MSC Yacht Club guests (pool deck, outdoor bar, exclusive views)
        • Private Yacht Club Restaurant with a la carte dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  2. What is not included in the price of the cruise?
    • Items of personal nature (phone calls, Internet, laundry, etc.)
    • Spa & beauty salon on the ship
    • Specialty restaurants (some experiences included, or available for purchase)
    • Specialty beverages (some experiences included, or available for purchase)
    • Any meals, events, or excursions while off the ship in port
    • Airfare to and from the port
    • Hotel stay in Florida, if you choose
    • Ground transportation to the hotel and/or the port
    • Cruise Travel insurance (available through the reservation office for an additional fee)
  3. What are the Terms and Conditions for the cruise?

    The Terms and Conditions for our 2025 sailing can be found by clicking here.

  4. Who may sail?
    • MSC Cruises cannot accept a booking and the carrier cannot carry any passenger who will be 24 or more weeks pregnant by the end of the cruise. MSC Cruises and the carrier expressly reserve the right to refuse boarding rights to any passenger who appears to be in any advanced state of pregnancy or who does not provide the required medical certificate as provided in this section. Neither MSC Cruises nor carrier shall have any liability or owe any refund to any passenger who is denied boarding as a result of being 24 or more weeks pregnant or for failing to have the required medical certificate. All guests are required to sign a health questionnaire at check-in to ensure they are aware of our pregnancy policy. If you have already booked a cruise or cruise tour and do not meet this requirement, please contact Love Like You Mean It Guest Services at 855-208-8822.
    • No Guest younger than the age twenty-one (21) will be assigned to a stateroom unless accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult twenty-one (21) years old or older. A guest's age is established upon the first date of sailing. This age limit will be waived for underage married couples; and for active duty members of the United States or Canadian military. Certain other restrictions and conditions will apply; such as compliance with the age twenty-one (21) alcohol policy, and proof of marriage for underage couples or proof of active duty military status required.
  5. Can we bring our children?

    The Love Like You Mean It® Marriage Cruise is for husbands and wives only. Your kids will be excited to see you when you get home. No children are allowed on this cruise.

  6. What information will I need to book my stateroom?

    To book your stateroom, call 1-855-208-8822 or click the BOOK NOW button above. Please make sure to have the information below for each passenger in your stateroom:

    Full Legal Name (Title, First, Last)
    Date of Birth
    Any Health Concerns we should know about
    Phone Number

    The following ADDITIONAL information is needed only from the Lead Passenger:

    Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number for the Stateroom

    (Please refer to FamilyLife's® Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding bookings and changes.)

  7. What kind of travel documentation will I need?

    Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise and is the responsibility of the guest.  Any guest traveling without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel, and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued.
    U.S. citizens are encouraged to show a U.S. passport.  A passport is the easiest form of ID and is recommended.  If you do not have a passport, you should be prepared to provide a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License) and proof of U.S. citizenship in the form of a government-issued (not hospital-issued) U.S. birth certificate.
    It is important that guest names on travel documents be identical to those on the cruise booking.  Otherwise, proof of name change (i.e. a marriage license) AND a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo ID must be presented.
    If you would like to order a passport or just renew one please click here for more information.

  8. How do I make a reservation?

    Making a reservation is easy!  You can either call one of our Reservation Team members at 1-855-208-8822 or you can click BOOK NOW above.

  9. How does the Referral Program work to invite my friends and family?

    You can Refer Your Friends and earn credits to your stateroom on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise - Plus your referrals will get a discount when they reserve their stateroom.

    The Referral Program expires on May 1st, 2024.

    Learn Details HERE.

  10. Is there a price guarantee?

    48 Hour Price Guarantee: If the price of your stateroom decreases within 48 hours of your reservation, we will match the lower price. The lower rate must be publicly advertised by FamilyLife. All Terms and Conditions of the reservation remain the same.

  11. Are there additional fees to make changes to my reservation?

    Any changes in bookings can be made only by the the “Lead Guest” of the reservation. For any changes to your reservation, the following additional fees apply:


             *No change of stateroom occupants will be allowed 30 days prior to sailing.


  12. Can I resell my stateroom?

    A guest may resell or transfer their stateroom to another person. All financial arrangements for the transaction are between the two parties and FamilyLife has no responsibility. There will be a $150 per person name transfer fee. The guest selling their stateroom will not receive any refund for the deposits and payments they have made, and the guest is responsible for working out all of the payments and details with the person to whom they are selling the stateroom.

  13. Does FamilyLife recommend Travel/Cancellation Insurance?

    FamilyLife strongly recommends the purchase of travel insurance to protect your vacation. All deposits and payments for the Love Like You Mean It Cruise are non-refundable, and we recommend protecting your investment. We offer coverage through Travel Guard Insurance Company. You can download Travel Guard’s details for the Preferred Plan, or call our Reservation Team at 855-208-8822  for more details. Learn more on the Love Like You Mean It Terms and Conditions.

    Please read AIG Travel’s FAQs PAGE for additional information about coverage.

  14. What time should we arrange our flight arrival and departure from the Miami area airports?

    Guests flying into the Miami area airports (MIA, FFL) should plan to have flights arrive by 12:30 pm on February 8th and depart at 1 pm or later on February 16th. The drive to/from the Miami (MIA) airport to the cruise terminal is 20 to 25 minutes. 

    If you choose to fly into Ft. Lauderdale Airport (FLL), please know this is 45 minutes away from the Miami Cruise Port (depending on traffic.)

  15. What is the suggested time to arrive at the cruise port in Miami, Florida?

    Your online check-in will already be done for you by our team. You will need to arrive at the port between noon and 3:30 pm on embarkation day. 

    Approximately 30 days from our sailing, your cruise ticket and boarding pass will become available to you along with a health questionnaire to be completed on embarkation. FamilyLife® is not responsible for delayed flights or arrivals to the Port Terminal.

  16. Where can I find directions to the port and information about parking?

    CLICK HERE for more information on Port Miami Cruise Terminal of Miami, FL, including directions, fees, and parking.

    The address to use for your GPS is 1015 N America Way, Miami, FL 33132 and follow the signs for the MSC Cruises terminal.

  17. Will there be an event schedule available for the cruise?

    The schedule will be provided as a PDF for you to download closer to the cruise. It will also be available in the cruise APP. This will give you a list of all the events for the week.
    *Performance schedules, performer line-up, and cruise itinerary are subject to change without notice.  See terms and conditions for more information.

  18. Can we save seats at the onboard sessions?

    No. FamilyLife® wants all guests to have the same opportunity to get great seats in our events. Therefore, we have established a policy of no saving seats. From the leadership of the ministry to the performers and their families to our media partners to our staff, and to our passengers, we have the same policy. No one has early access privileges. Once in an event, there is no saving of seats for other members of your party. All seating is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    The only exception to this policy is for guests who are confined to a wheelchair (for venues where wheelchair-specific seating is applicable). Please go to the FamilyLife Guest Service desk to pick up a Special Seating Pass for you and your spouse.

  19. Will artist and speaker merchandise be available for sale on the cruise?

    The FamilyLife® Store will be open at various times throughout the cruise.  Look in the FamilyLife® Cruise Guide for the schedule and location.  You can shop for CDs, artist T-shirts, books, and other specialty items.  While you are there, don’t forget to purchase your Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise® T-shirts and souvenirs, too!

  20. What activities will be available on board the ship?

    Too many to mention in this short space! The beauty of the Love Like You Mean It® Marriage Cruise is that you can do as little or as much as you want to do. In addition to the typical cruise activities and amenities, there will be nightly concerts, morning devotions, comedy, and so much more!

  21. What should I pack?

    Casual attire is the order of the day, both on board and ashore.  During the daytime, most anything goes since we know you're probably headed to the pool or out for a fun Shore Excursion.  Casual shorts, jeans, tops, and sundresses are welcome everywhere. 

    Resort casual dress gets you into every venue at night, too. Some people like to add a jacket, or when celebrating a special occasion, get all decked out. This, too, is welcome everywhere. Some people prefer nice jeans. They're welcome in many of the restaurants as well, but not in all.

    Since you may opt to check your luggage with the porters the night before we return home, don't forget to bring an overnight bag packed with a change of clothes, prescriptions, and other must-have items.

  22. Will I have access to the Internet while on board the ship?

    Yacht Club and  Aurea Experience guests have internet service included in their cruise package. 

    Bella and Fantastica Guests will have the opportunity to add-on internet packages at a later date at an additional cost. Guests will be notified through the monthly newsletter when that opportunity is available.

  23. What about electrical appliances?

    There is one electrical outlet in each stateroom, located in the area of the desk/vanity. The outlet is equipped with a 3-prong 110 volt and a 220 volt plug capable of handling hair dryers, curling irons, etc. The outlet in the bathroom can only be used for electric razors. Please note, the MSC Seascape provides a hair dryer in each stateroom. It can be found in the drawer near the vanity.

    Pressing and laundry services are available on board for a fee. Personal irons and extension cords are not allowed on board.

  24. Can I bring a radio on board?

    You are welcome to bring radios, iPods, etc. for your private enjoyment. However, for the comfort of other guests, we request that headphones or ear pieces be used in public areas.

  25. Do I need to bring my own towels?

    Towels are supplied for each guest in your stateroom. Towels are also available for all guests on the pool deck. You will need to check out your towels on the pool deck.

  26. What do I do with my valuables?

    We're sure you'll want to bring your camera, jewelry, and other valuable items with you on your cruise. For our guests' convenience and security, a safe is provided in every stateroom and is located in either the closet or a cabinet. Guests use their room key as the key to lock and unlock this safe. Please note, however, that FamilyLife® is not responsible for valuables left in staterooms or elsewhere on board.

  27. Where is the lost and found?

    The Lost and Found is located at the Guest Services Desk. If you've lost anything, you should report the item to the Guest Services Desk and ask if it has been returned yet. If you find anything, please turn it in there. After the ship returns to your port of origin, all found and unclaimed articles will be sent to the company headquarters where they can be claimed.

  28. Is there a medical staff on board?

    Yes, should a guest require medical attention while on board the ship, the Medical Center staff is available to assist 24 hours a day. The onboard Medical Center is staffed and equipped to treat routine medical conditions as well as to initiate stabilization of more serious conditions. Physicians are available to render services at a customary fee. While at sea or in port, the availability of medical care may be limited.

  29. Will I get seasick?

    The ship is equipped with stabilizers which are designed to keep it smooth and steady in the water. Should you have a concern about seasickness, please consult your doctor in advance of the cruise. If you should feel seasick while on the cruise, you can purchase motion sickness tablets from the Medical Center on board.

  30. How do I inform MSC Cruises about special medical or dietary needs I have? 

    If you have any special needs such as a wheelchair, medical, dietary, CPAP machine, etc, you must submit the MSC Special Needs form. Please email filled out form to at least 30 days prior to sailing.


  31. What about my medications?

    Please carry your required medication in your pocket or purse so that it will be available when needed. Checked luggage may not be accessible at all times.  If you're using any prescription drugs, vitamins, or other medication on a regular basis, you should bring an adequate supply with you since these may not be readily available either on board the ship or in our ports of call. Over-the-Counter medications for colds, coughs, upset stomach or other minor illnesses can be purchased at the Medical Center during specified hours. In addition, the shops on board may carry some of these items.

    Should you need to store medicine that needs proper refrigeration, medi-coolers are available on board in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a medi-cooler is not available, the ship’s Medical Center will arrange storage.  In addition, a small, personal-sized cooler no larger than 12” x 12” x 12” for the purpose of housing medications is permitted as carry-on luggage.  

  32. Will a Covid 19 Vaccine be required by MSC Cruises?

    Guests are not required by MSC to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Masks are optional.

  33. Are there other live events by FamilyLife?

    Yes, FamilyLife hosts the Weekend to Remember marriage retreat across the United States. Click here for more information and to find a location near you.

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