Why You Should Travel With Your Spouse

Traveling is a great way to discover the world. Traveling as a husband and wife is a great way to discover why you fell in love all over again. Whether you’ve been together one year or thirty, adventuring together is one of the best ways to stay connected! To showcase just a few examples of how getting away can bring you closer together, we’re looking at what couples have had to say about their experience on our own getaway.

“It gave us a sense of togetherness we have never experienced”
Foreign places and situations bring out new sides of us, and our

Telling the Story of The LLYMI Cruise

There is SO much to say about the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. When we debark more blissful and relaxed, we find ourselves, the passengers, and even the crew (Watch this) unable to stop sharing the experience. But words can only do so much to showcase just how rejuvenating our week at sea truly is.

So an idea was born. We wanted to tell a story that shows how the cruise can transforming average into a romantic adventure. We always say that the LLYMI Cruise is all a guy needs to be a big

Spring Clean Your Travel Excuses

Are your travel excuses stacking up? We know it can be hard to get away, but we also know how worthwhile it is! Now that spring is in the air, what better time is there to do some spring cleaning? Only this time, let’s declutter the things that hold us back from experiencing new adventures, gaining a bigger perspective, and rejuvenating our spirit. Let’s take a look at some of the most common road blocks to traveling, and see if we can’t find a reason to sweep them away.


Not sure who will watch the little ones? Ask your relatives. Kids can

“Turismo Altruista” – Progreso Mission Project Update

Turismo Altruista is what the headline read in the Yucatan Daily News on Friday February 17th. The article shared about our “mission excursion” the day before on the 2017 Love Like You Mean It® Cruise. We want to give a brief update and follow-up on that project.

As we shared previously, 30 people and a few of the FamilyLife Cruise team were able to pack up fifty food and supply boxes to deliver to needy families in the Progresso, Mexico, area. This was all funded by those participating in the project, and it was supported by a local family ministry group that works with

Dream Cruise Destinations

A cruise, even one out of the ordinary, wouldn’t be complete without incredible destinations. That means landscapes that take your breath away. Cultures to expand your horizons. Sandy beaches that’ll leave your heart feeling as warm as the sun soaking into your skin. We know how important it is to get away together to reconnect, and that’s exactly what the destinations on our next Christian marriage cruise will do – turn the relaxation and romance you’ve been dreaming about into the kind you wake up to. Let’s take a peek at the amazing cruise destinations for 2018!

Highlights From the 2017 Love Like You Mean It Cruise

The 2017 LLYMI Cruise is now in the history books, and the Cruise Team here at FamilyLife considers this year one of our best events. The main sessions and speakers were powerful and engaging as usual, and the artists and performers brought their best to packed audiences, but here are some of the other highlights we enjoyed:

LLYMI Photo Booth

This was the first year for our Love Like You Mean It photo booth. We expected couples would have fun with crazy poses – and they did. Approximately 75% of our guests visited the photo booth. What we did not

How to Chart your Valentine's Day for Romance

Need some inspiration for Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re romantically challenged, or are looking to make this year EXTRA special for your spouse, we’ve got you covered! Read on for ideas aimed to help you romance and reconnect.

Put a spin on the classics

Classic dates are classics for a reason – they’re a simple way to express your feelings and get quality time together. But why not put a small twist on them to make the day more memorable?

Do dinner and a movie, but replace the box office with home videos Underneath each chocolate in

Interview with our Reservation Team

The experts on all things Love-Like-You-Mean-It-Cruise are undoubtedly our Reservation Team. They are a fun and crazy group as you can see! Recently our Director of Innovative events, Tim Bell, sat down with Bobbi and Jenifer from the team. To give you an insider’s look at what fuels our annual adventure, here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Tim: It is not unusual for LLYMI to attract first time cruisers. Why is it appealing to them?

Jenifer: Many people have heard stories about cruising that have made them leery or nervous about

Ten Travel Resolutions for 2017

This is it. This is the year your travel dreams become a reality. New Year’s resolutions might fade, but adventure lasts a lifetime. Start your 2017 journey with travel resolutions that are fun to stick to.

Stop putting it off

In life, we have to make time for what’s important. Did you know Americans wasted 658 million vacation days last year? Take advantage of your time off! Pick the destination. Book the tickets. Dreams aren’t meant