Are your travel excuses stacking up? We know it can be hard to get away, but we also know how worthwhile it is! Now that spring is in the air, what better time is there to do some spring cleaning? Only this time, let’s declutter the things that hold us back from experiencing new adventures, gaining a bigger perspective, and rejuvenating our spirit. Let’s take a look at some of the most common road blocks to traveling, and see if we can’t find a reason to sweep them away.


  • Not sure who will watch the little ones? Ask your relatives. Kids can bring a lot of joy into a home, but parenting is tiring business! A week with grandma and grandpa can be just as rewarding for family as it can be for you to focus on being just husband and wife for a few days.
  • Worried you’ll miss them? Look into data plans and schedule daily goodnights through Facetime or Skype!
  • Think of the peace and quiet. It’s OKAY to leave the kids at home. Focusing on your marriage will help you come back refreshed not only as a husband or wife, but as a parent and an individual.


  • Did you know over half of all Americans let their PTO go to waste? Don’t be one of them!
  • Taking breaks from work can help keep you from feeling burnt out. You’ll come back with a well-deserved refresh, and feel more focused than ever.
  • Time is the greatest gift you can give, and you’re entitled to treat yourself to it. We promise, the bills, the chores, the worries – they can wait.


  • Travel is often thought of as a luxury, but it’s truly is an investment in yourself and your relationships.
  • Set up a savings plan, and cut out those needless costs. Making coffee at home could be the difference between spending your February in fuzzy socks and spending it in the sun on a tropical beach.
  • Look for travel options with monthly payment plans. Trips like the Love Like You Mean It Cruise® are set up so you can plan for your trip without having to pay all at once.

Whatever it is holding you back, don’t make excuses for it. Make a game plan instead! Do you have a tip of your own for overcoming a travel excuse? Tell us in the comments! 

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