You know her stage name, but do you know her real name? Tiffany Arbuckle Lee is better known as Plumb, and she has achieved multiple #1 singles and albums as well as being a successful songwriter. She has had an amazing music career while juggling her role as a wife and mom to three, but she also has a moving story of God’s grace and love. Tiffany shares her answers to our questions in a touching and vulnerable way. We think you will enjoy getting to know her better…


Question: If you had your own cruise ship, what would you name it?

Answer: The SS Burton Smoke (named after my doggie, ha!)


Question: We cruise on Valentines’ Day. What’s the best Valentines’ Day you can remember?

Answer: When Jeremy and I were separated. He took the kids for the night and I hung out with my friend Phyllis, who was recently widowed, and when he came back with the kids they had all bought me silly gifts and he gave me a hilarious card that literally said he was an idiot. It didn’t fix our big mess right then, but it was flirting. It was hope. It was a small step into a new direction. It was the only Valentines I’d had till then that felt hopeLESS, and I came to truly understand how horrible that feeling is and how incredibly important and valuable and necessary the feeling of HOPE is. That night…I had hope. It was the greatest gift I could have been given. 


Question: What’s your favorite marriage advice? 

Answer: It truly takes a village. Community. You can’t do it alone and do it well. And I don’t just mean knowing the names of the people you live next to or see at church. I mean being KNOWN by and KNOWING them. That means making yourselves known and investing in those around you to know them back with a freedom and a responsibility to hold each other accountable. 


Question: What’s your favorite way to spend date night?

Answer: Going to Macaroni Grill because they put paper on the table and we always end up using it to write out dreams we have or things we’re working on or ideas we’re sharing…then eating a bunch of carbs and sitting bloated in a movie afterwards or coming home and watching it at home on the couch and falling asleep there next to each other. Simple. 


Question: What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

Answer: My heating pad. I’m cold natured and I also have tummy issues so it’s literally my security blanket. Ha. 


Question: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve traveled? What made it so beautiful?

Answer: Venice, Italy. On our honeymoon. The canals and boats…so beautiful. So different from ANYWHERE I’d ever been.


Question: If audiences could take only one message away from you, what would you want it to be?

Answer: There is ALWAYS hope. Because of the cross AND the resurrection…nothing is ever truly hopeless. 


Question: What’s one of your favorite verses? Why?

Answer: James 1:19  “Be slow to speak and quick to listen…”

It’s God’s tender way of telling a chatterbox like myself to shut up. smiley


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