The experts on all things Love-Like-You-Mean-It-Cruise are undoubtedly our Reservation Team. They are a fun and crazy group as you can see! Recently our Director of Innovative events, Tim Bell, sat down with Bobbi and Jenifer from the team. To give you an insider’s look at what fuels our annual adventure, here’s an excerpt from that interview.

Tim: It is not unusual for LLYMI to attract first time cruisers. Why is it appealing to them?

Jenifer: Many people have heard stories about cruising that have made them leery or nervous about going on a cruise, but when they learn that we control the whole ship – including all of the entertainment options, they become interested. Then when we share that the whole experience is tailored for Christian couples to build into their marriage, they get very interested.

Tim: What is the most common question first time cruisers ask?

Bobbi: What does a typical day look like on the ship? What is the cruise cabin like? How do we get to the ship? What if I have to cancel, and should I purchase travel insurance? They want to understand the basics of what a cruise is like and how this one is different.

Tim: What is the #1 reason people give for choosing to book on LLYMI?

Jenifer: Really, it is what I shared before about it being a full ship charter. That is worth the extra cost over a regular cruise to them. They get excited about not only the time together as a couple, but being with a whole ship of like-minded couples from all over.

Tim: Does the number of alumni that come back – and bring friends with them surprise you?

Jenifer & Bobbi: No, we talk to them onboard and on the phones, and many say it is the best vacation they have ever taken together. For many it is like a 2nd honeymoon. Then there are the couples who come really needing help for their marriage. God uses the great teaching to really help bring needed changes and refreshment to their marriage. When something has been a great experience for you, you want to come back – and you want your friends to be able to as well.


Want to know more about the only full-ship Christian marriage cruise? Give our reservations team a call yourself, and get your questions answered: 1 (855) 208-8822.