The 2017 LLYMI Cruise is now in the history books, and the Cruise Team here at FamilyLife considers this year one of our best events. The main sessions and speakers were powerful and engaging as usual, and the artists and performers brought their best to packed audiences, but here are some of the other highlights we enjoyed:

LLYMI Photo Booth

This was the first year for our Love Like You Mean It photo booth. We expected couples would have fun with crazy poses – and they did. Approximately 75% of our guests visited the photo booth. What we did not expect was the organic contest that began, with first a group of 8 strangers who met the first night as they shared a table at dinner, and then spread to others. They thought it would be fun to ALL get in the booth together, and suddenly the challenge was out – how many people can fit in the photo booth at one time? The number climbed from 8 to 9…to 10…to 11…and the record for LLYMI 2017 was 12! Who knows what will happen in 2018??


Hymn Sing

Around 10:30 at night in the Big Easy Piano Lounge on several evenings, something magical – and worshipful, took place. It was set up as a place to come in and sing along with Justin Unger, our worship leader. What happened was almost a Holy moment during those evenings as guests packed into the lounge and gathered around the piano with Justin and sang some of the favorite hymns that many of us have known for a long time, but maybe haven’t sung in a while. Those who were there walked out with an inexpressible joy on their faces. It was truly an amazing sound as total strangers harmonized and worshiped together.

Progreso Mission Excursion

During our port stop on Thursday, 30 guests from the ship traveled to a local church where they found a truckload of food and supplies they had paid for by booking our Mission Excursion. They unloaded the truck, divided the food and supplies, and put together 50 care packages for area families in need. Once that work was done, the families arrived at the church where our LLYMI couples were able to share and pray with them as they gave them this gift. The Director of Social Services in that area of Mexico made an appearance to thank our group and the local paper did a story on the “Altruistic Tourism”. It was such a blessing to be able to give to these families and make a difference in their lives. The food and supplies will last each family for several months. Now that is Loving Like You Mean It!!

Pool Party

On the last day of our sailing we were able to throw a Pool Party out on the Lido deck complete with ice carving, towel folding, ice cream sundaes, and lots of fun games. The crowds were large and many of our guests participated in a fun afternoon together. We think there was as much laughter and as many smiles during the pool party as we had seen in the comedy shows during the week. It’s good to see grown-ups having so much fun, and so many couples remembering they can have a blast together. Ah….Love Like You Mean It….! 

Do you have a personal highlight from this year’s event? We’d love for you to share it.