Having an amazing trip to look forward to means a lot of time to get excited and plan for all the adventure you can find. It also means practicing a bit of patience! As experienced cruisers, we know what it’s like to walk the line between being really excited and really impatient. To help make your vacation countdown more fun, we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for making the passing days more fun leading up to your trip.

  1. Use a countdown app that keeps you alert of how many days until adventure. It may be obvious, but it’s a great way to keep something to look forward to right in your pocket.
  2. Get a travel-themed calendar, and write your planning dates in! Schedule in any pre-trip prep like getting a friend to check your mail, shopping trips for your destination, or a packing – being organized ahead of time will mean more relaxation on your actual trip.
  3. Plan a mini-celebration for milestones like 6-months or 1-month out from your trip. That could mean a dinner with destination-themed cuisine, or a fun project like making your own vacation t-shirts.
  4. Does your destination have a unique language? Word of the day calendars are a quick, easy way to pass the time while learning some fun lingo.
  5. Decorate a destination-themed box, and each day put a small amount inside (like $1). The week before your trip, use the savings to take a pause from all the prep (such as with a relaxing dinner or massage), or reward your patience with something fun for the trip (like sunglasses, a new camera, or a cozy travel pillow).
  6. If you’re traveling with someone special (like on the LLYMI Cruise), write down reasons you’re looking forward to traveling with them and put them in a jar. Trade jars, and each month pull out a new reason together.

We love the anticipation of a great adventure, and hope you’re able to hold onto your excitement right up until you embark on your journey. Is there anything we missed? Tell us in the comments how you’re counting down to vacation!

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