The team just arrived back from our site visit on our ship for LLYMI 2018, the Carnival Conquest, and we’re excited! The three things we are MOST excited about are the food, the guest spaces, and the program facilities.

Let’s start with the food.

Moving up to a longer sailing and larger class of ship brings more – and we would even say better – food choices. For the casual dining there is the Guy’s Burger joint and Blue Iguana we saw on our 2017 ship, but there is also a BBQstation and even a premium seafood station available for a small cost. In the main dining rooms on Elegant nights (two during our voyage), there is a premium steak and a lobster entrée offering. We felt the meals were done really well on the Conquest, and the head chef will be the same one sailing with us in February.

Finally, for just $35 per person you can reserve one of the limited spots in the The Point Steakhouse. This is a fabulous two to two-and-a-half hour dining experience with some delicious menu options. We highly recommend eating here at least one night.

What about the guest spaces?

We found a number of different guest spaces on the Conquest that keep it from feeling crowded with even 3,000 people onboard. We also learned that in October of this year the Conquest goes into dry dock. This is done every 3-4 years with a ship where they totally refresh and redo the things that get worn out over time – and they will be adding a Serenity Deck area to the ship. This will be a great getaway to relax, enjoy, and sun in a little quieter and comfier setting. For the more active, in addition to the fitness center and the running track, there is a basketball court, volleyball court, and miniature golf.

The Conquest will be bright and shining for us in February!

Why we get excited about Program Facilities

On the Love Like You Mean It® Cruise we find that our program activities are one of the main reasons couples sail. They love our sessions and entertainment and breakouts. The Conquest will also help us step up our program in several ways. There are some additional spaces we can hold breakouts in allowing more couples to participate, and some techie things we really like (can you say a HUGE LED wall we can do some cool graphics on). While that may get us more excited than our guests, we think you will enjoy the program even more. There might even be some interesting things we can do with balloons…. :-)

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